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Hello everyone and welcome to a new examination. This is Dave pizza and today I will go for vapeciga vv mods, Cloud Vaperz and vaping Bogan

WARNING: this device was sent to me by Dovpo for review.


The device 1 Odin Mini
An updated cable Micro-USB / charge
4 packs wrap the battery (red, blue, black and clear)
1 battery adapter 21700

Peinado Available in black, silver, bronze and brushed red.
Measurements: 90.5mm x 36.3mm x 32mm
Battery: Single 21700 or 18650 w / adapter.
Power range 1-75w
Other features: card DNA75C, solid metal structure, and accommodates 30mm atomizer

I will not delve into this section. This advice is show new squonk vape. There are 100 opinions out there that talk about this chipset.

5 white fire back button on your device
5 clicks lock the trigger. A burning time, not for power, but effective and not rest and drain the battery in standby mode.

The chip includes a central button to make a decision and is used to press “Enter” on the screen. This chip is used for most, but can also be very deep and sophisticated. Average users will use this mode of watts, but you can follow the ways and

watt Boost
TC or
TC SS316
TC SS430

There are all kinds of profiles and different parameters can be adjusted for writing, so the possibilities are not limited operations and continues to grow. In the form of action, it can be simple, but as they grow, you can explore a lot more than this chip can handle.

As is vapeciga dovpo basium squonk, the operation becomes more about the mod Council itself. As watt device works exactly as expected. I do not push the boundaries too and stick with atomizers that the best work around 50-60W max.

mod itself is a joy to drive all day. It is thin, comfortable in the hand and feels solidly built. In general, I led the run, so I’m going to fire, but can be considered and shoot with your index finger. One thing I noticed that was different 250C Odin is the battery cover. The battery cover 250 ° C slid onto the lower hinge side. Odin Mini has the same door but it was locked when closed. I think the machine is broken, but I did research programs and everyone the same. Installed, it is solid, and there is very little play with the door. I feel much more secure in this last the door and I’m glad I stuck a little better.


Ahh BLOTTO Mini, the device was originally scheduled for only in China, but now everyone is available. There, a large atomizers does nothing at all. Sam (Bogan vaping him) said live event is designed for the Asian market that does not want a large tank, so he chose to design for them. We know many people want, and here we are with it becomes more widely available.

Ok, so we’re here at the end of the mind. What I think of Odin Mini? Well, I think your experience will depend largely on how you want to vape with him and he is paired with a sprayer. For vapers high watts, stick with 200W version of Odin, but low to medium power vaping, Odin Mini is quite amazing. I’m paired with the destination TSR 50 and Mini BLOTTO to 60W, and I was able to get almost a full day vaping on a single solid 21700. usually throw batteries in the afternoon to return to power he wanted. After a few days of walking with the deposit of this type, I decided to go MTL. MTL my previous mod is dovpo 230w click in here, but I finally found a match it. I found the mini-Kayfun Odin LIte2019 Mods and BP Pioneer (brief review) about 22-25w and achieved a day and a day vaping this power. I loved the combo and found wanting to use every day for most of my stuff. mod looks great, feels great, and has a strong card in DNA. If you have some steam in the mid-watts, or the fantasy of a solid performance at low power TC Odin Mini is a great device for this application. I like mine and is easily one of the best mods single battery used to date.

FOUR TESTS – If you accidentally falls into the pizza oven, I’ll get another? In Odin as 250C, it is so easy for me. This is a great device.


and machinery
Welcome 30mm (although it was ridiculous)
victory DNA75C
21700 battery size
colors to choose
pocket friendly
DNA customization options for those who leave nothing Stock


Limitation of 75 watts
the price point may be too high for some to enjoy (the spirit of the DNA chip is cheap not necessary)

Ahh BLOTTO Mini, the device was originally scheduled for release only in China, but now everyone is available. There, a large atomizers does nothing at all. Sam (Bogan vaping him) said live event is designed for the Asian market that does not want a large tank, so he chose to design for them. We know many people want, and here we are with it becomes more widely available.

Basically, BLOTTO Mini is the same as BLOTTO, declined slightly to. The same construction of a bridge, but a small change in the tank. the constriction diameter of 23.4 mm and height is also reduced by a few mm. A final change the air flow is reduced two holes on each side. This limits the tank a little more, but what is really good for me. I still use my original frequently Mini BLOTTO RTA also something that I use a ton. I like the taste, the air flow smoothly, and the display tank. He came out, as I prefer, and I’m a fan. They might even dare to come out and say I’m a bit like a mini over full size. With a shorter top, the taste seems just a little, only smaller capacity load. First BLOTTO has 6 ml with bubbles and Mini 4ml have bubbles. With a mini glass right Blotto, you can also use a dropper, as he stood in a hurry.

Thank you all for reading and thanks for topside dual mod to get code. Odin Mini can be found for around $ 135 (£ 106 in the UK) and blolo Mini is $ 30 (£ 24 UK).


Dave pizza – provides real criticism without additional ingredients


Review Criteria: I use all elements for about two weeks I have collected enough data to write critical enough. I use the same e liquid in the tank or RDA through all my critical to ensuring that compare apples to apples among all modern appliances. I put a notice until I am convinced that I have used enough to give an educated critic. The reason I started doing because critical of poor decisions in my time buying vaping there are about two years. At that time, I bought a few different pieces of hardware without really enjoyed it and hope people spend their hard earned money so smarter than me! **** Please note that some items I can get preliminary version and not the retail packaging. The quality may be less than the finished product and what is in the package could be different from the packaging and retail.


You can buy here: dovpo box

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