How to choose the contentment of drops of oil atomizer?

How to choose the contentment of drops of oil atomizer? Little smoke products of hot tempered the big smoke market boom, for love a big E-cigarette smoke products players, the drops of oil atomizer good taste and strong smoke output capacity is not horse and little smoke. In the face of numerous drops of oil atomizer products, players tend to produce hard choice.

Below is based on several aspects of the players the most demand, in the form of a question and answer to tell you how to choose the contentment of the drops of oil atomizer products.

What types of drops of oil atomizer ड core reconstruction easier?

Currently on the market there are a lot of single drop of oil and oil storage cloud, relying on the powerful support of fancy coil, single coil also can obtain very good taste. Single drop of oil atomizer only install a coil, relatively will be save time, if but more care about the amount of smoke, single drip or very good choice. If really reached the point of the lazy, of course, change the finished product core drip or without screws drip of coil will be more time.

How to choose according to their own taste preferences drip cloud it?

Drops of oil atomizer palate is related with many factors, the greatest impact on the palate is coil with zero it intake structure, if you use the same data coil.Generally straight down at the bottom of the inlet of the drops of oil atomizer palate is relatively strong, and lateral inlet oil atomizer will taste bland but some more administrative levels feels. While compound intake play more taste changes are more diverse, the top intake some relatively few drops of oil products, taste performance and side inlet drip close but inspiratory when they have the feeling of fullness.

What kind of oil atomizer has higher playability?

Playability here refers to can make multiple types of coil, such as vertical atomization core, four hair even multiple coil and so on. Most suitable for juggling in coil form is pore structure of double column four drops of oil atomizer, porous comparison, of course, there are some unique atomizer products. The double column four holes drip atomizer has the very strong compatible ability, fancy coil in the hands of the player can have a strong output of smoke.

How to determine oil atomizer can be compatible with their favorite coil or heat wire?

Now in fact most of the drops of oil atomizer in improving its coil compatible ability, but also have some feet flat needle fancy coil is difficult to wear, atomizer wire lock hole. Players can according to what you want to choose the needle foot width coil, and the width of the atomizer wire lock hole position data comparison, can know clearly that they want to choose the atomizer can be installed in the hands of fancy coil.

What type of cloud drops of oil more convenient filling operation?

In general side inlet oil atomizer can be directly from the suction nozzle part add oil smoke, don’t open the capsule can complete filling operations. But oil equipment appear at the bottom of the drops of oil atomizer has a more reasonable way of filling, choose a support at the bottom of the oil drop of oil atomizer can very effort in everyday use, even if is carried out using also not to inconvenience.

The above is about how to choose the contentment of the drops of oil atomizer? Related introduction, if it is like to use simple operation more users of the save Labour when the province, single note at the bottom of oil drops of oil atomizer would be a good choice. And support double atomizer is more suitable for the pursuit of smoke and more full-bodied palate players use, in, regardless of the level of product appearance, the user can completely according to the demand on the use of to judge whether a particular model atomizer is suitable for yourself, don’t have to spend money to find a satisfying taste demand and not to give themselves produce use burden of drops of oil atomizer products.

Knowledge of the atomizer of choose and buy, how much do you know?

Knowledge of the atomizer of choose and buy, what proportion does one know? Electronic cigarettes with the event of the society gradually into people’s lives, electronic cigarette products is additionally gradually produce some branch of nouns. But hanging device types often numerous and confused, make consumers in selected to shop for electronic cigarettes, the emergence of a spread of atomizer nomenclature cannot accurately accordingly or cannot find contentment atomizer. Cloud is split into multiple, often be finished product, the large smoke, the RBA, IDA, etc of the atomizer term make faint head brain, the way to choose what quite atomizer, to satisfy their own needs, let me tell you these atomizer nomenclature.

Knowledge about the choose and buy of the atomizer – dew is common terminology

What is the finished product atomizer?Atomizer is our finished product when the choose and buy electronic cigarettes noun, finished product atomizer is refers to the atomization core doesn’t got to make your own, by manufacturer is formed of finished atomization core, consumers only got to replace like screw corresponding atomization core, can still use, the finished product atomizer is split into the large smoke, taste atomizer two kinds. Small taste atomizer inlet, resistance is larger. Vice atomizer peep show smaller resistance, inlet is larger. Finished cloud it advantage is straightforward to use, go out, you only got to take the atomization core weakness is late consumption on the high side, a cloud of consumption for the worth of 15 to 30 yuan.Knowledge of the atomizer of choose and buy, what’s a drip zero it (RDA)?Drops of oil ATOMIZER RDA (rebuildable dripping ATOMIZER)To rebuild the trickle-down cloud, mentioned because the drops of oil atomizer. Drip type atomizer is typically no warehouse , but by cotton rather than huge oil storage function such structured atomizer smoke, and conducting oil materials storage co., LTD. Drip and large smoke often together. in fact the large smoke isn’t the sole measure of drip cloud standards.Can drip atomizer is DNY cloud core, coil, can use repeatedly atomizer, not with the function of oil atomizer. The drops of oil atomizer are simple structure, one accessories, mostly consists of three parts, one for drip nozzle, sitting outside storage jar, three for the bottom . Drops of oil atomizer isn’t very difficult, but making coil than conventional atomizer may be a little complicated. Drops of oil atomizer brand, shape variety, but generally are often divided into rock bottom intake, central air intake, at the highest of the inlet, mixing inlet the inlet ways. the private preference at rock bottom of the inlet.

Knowledge of the atomizer of choose and buy, what’s the storage atomizer?

Oil atomizer has accompany oil warehouse can store because oil atomizer, are often divided into two broad categories: first, there’s finished product oil atomizer, the second category of the RBA cloud storage type device (i.e., got to make your own atomizing core).The first groups of finished product oil storage cloud and it are often divided into: taste oil atomizer and large smoke cloud memory device . The second categories of atomizer are often divided into the palate storage diy cloud and smoke oil storage diy atomizer.DIY type atomizer taste and therefore the biggest gap big smoke atomizer is making coil number and inlet, texture type atomized medicine intake small, usually within the sort of single coil base, big smoke oil storage type atomizer inlet, usually within the sort of double or more hair base.Knowledge of the atomizer of choose and buy, what’s the RBA atomizer?RBA(rebuildable atomizer)The RBA oil atomizer is RTA, simple point said type atomizer is remodeling, got to make your own spray atomizer core.Is what we see kayfun such atomizer, with atomized warehouse and warehouse . Atomization positions are usually located in atomizer bottom, to guide the oil provides an honest condition, heat wire electrode part is that the relay type, usually for screws, create greater power for warmth wire.Knowledge about the choose and buy of the atomizer – what’s RDTA atomizer?RDTA atomizer is refers to the storage type big smoke it, large oil smoke atomizer to drip because the prototype, and a storage function. So RDTA designed is to require big smoke also want friends advantage of oil storage function. Storage at rock bottom of the large smoke show it’s divided into central air intake and air intake two kinds, majority is given priority to with double base. Have big air inlet, the smoke volume is larger.

Knowledge about the choose and buy atomizer device structure common name – zero

1, the baseBase is formed silk platform of atomizer, can also saying is that the atomizer gas warehouse. the entire atomizer base the cathode are often used as an atomizer, atomizer base diameter mostly: 19 mm, 22 mm and 24 mm, 25 mm, in recent years, 22 mm base for normal size. But this year the good smog of oil storage, 24 mm base atomizer more slowly,2. The mouthDrip nozzle was a part of the atomizer direct contact with the lips, mouth drops general models on the marketplace for [510 “. There are some homemade models of drip nozzle, temporarily ex-directory as a general model. Drip nozzle material is varied: teflon, chrome steel , plastic, wood, rare wood, also as colloid then on. Personally, which recommended four sorts of material: 1. 2. The pom material of chrome steel 3. Teflon 4. Rare wood. Native some materials like plastic and silicone isn’t recommended, for good, experience also can affect the taste.3, oil storehouseSmoke oil warehouse is to store oil because the main role, general tank can guide oil into the bottom and increase store oil smoke two functions, there are two sorts of tank installation, a connection through the highest and bottom spray storehouse extrusion fixed tank, another is independent oil storehouse. Personally think independent oil and more reasonable, independent tank are often removed, are often placed separately stored oil smoke, convenient check, change, make the atomization core.That is about the knowledge about the atomizer of choose and buy, what proportion does one know the related introduction, with the deepening of the gradually, all of those words, can gradually learn to those words have their own unique insights. Electronic cigarettes in China growing, exposure, generalized gradually increase. If our electronic cigarettes can form a system, rules and regulations, like name gradually specialization. Believe we will recover development of the electronic cigarette industry. Ok, today’s atomizer term share it here.