How to choose the contentment of drops of oil atomizer?

How to choose the contentment of drops of oil atomizer? Little smoke products of hot tempered the big smoke market boom, for love a big E-cigarette smoke products players, the drops of oil atomizer good taste and strong smoke output capacity is not horse and little smoke. In the face of numerous drops of oil atomizer products, players tend to produce hard choice.

Below is based on several aspects of the players the most demand, in the form of a question and answer to tell you how to choose the contentment of the drops of oil atomizer products.

What types of drops of oil atomizer ड core reconstruction easier?

Currently on the market there are a lot of single drop of oil and oil storage cloud, relying on the powerful support of fancy coil, single coil also can obtain very good taste. Single drop of oil atomizer only install a coil, relatively will be save time, if but more care about the amount of smoke, single drip or very good choice. If really reached the point of the lazy, of course, change the finished product core drip or without screws drip of coil will be more time.

How to choose according to their own taste preferences drip cloud it?

Drops of oil atomizer palate is related with many factors, the greatest impact on the palate is coil with zero it intake structure, if you use the same data coil.Generally straight down at the bottom of the inlet of the drops of oil atomizer palate is relatively strong, and lateral inlet oil atomizer will taste bland but some more administrative levels feels. While compound intake play more taste changes are more diverse, the top intake some relatively few drops of oil products, taste performance and side inlet drip close but inspiratory when they have the feeling of fullness.

What kind of oil atomizer has higher playability?

Playability here refers to can make multiple types of coil, such as vertical atomization core, four hair even multiple coil and so on. Most suitable for juggling in coil form is pore structure of double column four drops of oil atomizer, porous comparison, of course, there are some unique atomizer products. The double column four holes drip atomizer has the very strong compatible ability, fancy coil in the hands of the player can have a strong output of smoke.

How to determine oil atomizer can be compatible with their favorite coil or heat wire?

Now in fact most of the drops of oil atomizer in improving its coil compatible ability, but also have some feet flat needle fancy coil is difficult to wear, atomizer wire lock hole. Players can according to what you want to choose the needle foot width coil, and the width of the atomizer wire lock hole position data comparison, can know clearly that they want to choose the atomizer can be installed in the hands of fancy coil.

What type of cloud drops of oil more convenient filling operation?

In general side inlet oil atomizer can be directly from the suction nozzle part add oil smoke, don’t open the capsule can complete filling operations. But oil equipment appear at the bottom of the drops of oil atomizer has a more reasonable way of filling, choose a support at the bottom of the oil drop of oil atomizer can very effort in everyday use, even if is carried out using also not to inconvenience.

The above is about how to choose the contentment of the drops of oil atomizer? Related introduction, if it is like to use simple operation more users of the save Labour when the province, single note at the bottom of oil drops of oil atomizer would be a good choice. And support double atomizer is more suitable for the pursuit of smoke and more full-bodied palate players use, in, regardless of the level of product appearance, the user can completely according to the demand on the use of to judge whether a particular model atomizer is suitable for yourself, don’t have to spend money to find a satisfying taste demand and not to give themselves produce use burden of drops of oil atomizer products.

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